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"This man and his music personifies the best in blues, complete with an amazing horn section that rivals the Tower of Power horns.  This album has everything you like…great sax and horns, a powerful vocal with amazing harmonies, great songwriting, and that soulful harmonica rising above it all." (The Indie Voice)



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A Neon Jazz Interview with Legendary Colorado Blues Performer Chris Daniels

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“The infectious modern ballad, “Sweet Memphis,” kicks off the brassy affair, with Santana-esque guitar lines laser-cutting through spaces in Daniels’ and co-singer Fred Gowdy’s vocals. And while Santana himself may have borrowed heavily from blues and jazz, Chris Daniels & The Kings truly cash in the repayment check, including the interest owed... poignant, playful, and thoughtful, all at the same time” Scott Bampton, Rock and Blues Muse

“When opening up the brand new Chris Daniels and the Kings album, the first senses that tingle are not audio, but visual. The 3D pop-out cover art on the Colorado Music Hall of Famer’s 15th release is enough alone to set it apart as one of the most unique albums to come out this year. However, in the end, the true strength of Blues with Horns Vol. 1 obviously lies within the experience and talent on each track.” Denby Gardner, 303 Magazine

"Want some down-home blues?  Then, order up a slab of ribs from Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous, kick back, and dig the groove of “Sweet Memphis,” with Chris’ vocal ably backed by slide from Sonny Landreth." Rob Lutes,  Nashville Blues Society Album Reviews

“The release is packed with lively blues songs, including "Sweet Memphis," "Fried Food/ Hard Liquor," and "Get Up Off The Funk." Marnie Buckley, The Boulder Daily Camera

"I am always in awe of lifelong musicians whose music careers have survived the test of time...even life-threatening diseases. Chris Daniels is a veteran artist from Denver, CO whose decades of music experience has brought him touring around the world over 21 times and releasing an impressive 15 albums, including is new album, Blues With Horns, fantastic!" AM Laddy,  No Depression